We Import the best quality food, Freshness is our guarantee!


We currently ship fresh products to and from most european countries. We ensure first class quality produce to be delivered in optimum conditions. With a high turnover, we guarantee frequent shipments of the freshest products from fruits and vegetables to meats and dairy.
We are equipped for large scale shipments and look to cater to local and international establishments on a regular basis.

For further information regarding the nature of the products we ensure and our shipping policy do not hesitate to contact our headquarters located in Antelias.


Each product we work with is uniquely packaged according to the nature of that product. This maintains it in the best conditions possible for longer periods of time. Our All Fresh trucks are equipped with the latest technology in order to provide safe transportation to and from any location.

We usually store our fresh products for up to 4 days which allows them to also have a good shelf life once delivered to you. At the moment we have merchandise coming into the country twice a week from Holland, France and Italy. Each country provides us with their finest products.


Our company prides itself on the fact that it deals with the best local and international produce. This automatically ensures you the freshest merchandise on a regular basis.
In order to keep a high turnover rate we have collaborated with Akiki Freres, fruit and vegetable store in Antelias: They exhibit in their store a number of items that we import.

This allows clients to get a bigger variety when they walk into the store and also gives us the opportunity to import our products bi-weekly while reducing the period of storing and eventually the amount of waste.

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