About us

The freshest products, to and from your doorstep!


stablished in 2015, our mission is to ensure the import and export of the freshest produce to and from Lebanon. We offer a wide variety of merchandise such as: fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, spices and dairy. Starting with Europe, we are looking to expand our horizons to the world and offer our audience a new experience of exotic and atypic international products. We aim to establish a relationship with our market built on trust and mutual exchange. We are quickly growing and we guarantee, on the long run, the best level of quality as we already do today.

The products we offer are nutritious, cost efficient and, most importantly, always fresh. We look to create a permanent exchange between the best products the countries we collaborate with have to offer and to constantly satisfy your tastebuds with new and original gustatory experiences.


We took the import and export business one step further by offering our clients not only international high-end products.

We went straight to the source to procure them. We do not go through a third party; we believe in working directly with the provider which ensures that the quality of the merchandise stays untouched.


As our business grows so does the variety of products that we import. We import already a wide range of fruits and vegetables, high end meats and dairy as well as exclusive herbs and plants. We always look to expand our selection and look to our clients for inspiration.We strive to make every culinary experience a unique one and help you discover everything the world has to offer.


This quality is so crucial to our business that its even in the name. Freshness is at the core of what we do. We build our schedules around it in order to ensure permanently fresh products.

Our entire import and export system has been built around this important quality from our main office to our trucks and our relationship with our collaborators.