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Our Rules and Procedures

At All Fresh, our first and our main guarantee is constant freshness from high end imported produce. Dealing with perishable products could create room for questioning the safety of the import process. In order to maintain our standards, we carefully monitor food safety. We follow a certain number of steps that help us keep our merchandise at its best.

We have listed below a number items on our safety checklist:

  • All products are stored in cold rooms with temperatures ranging from 1 to 6 degrees celsius depending on the nature of the product.
  • All trucks are kept clean and refrigerated.
  • Regular cleaning schedule of the entire premises include transportation trucks and loading area.
  • Create a regular flow of income of produce: we have bi-weekly new arrival and all international transportation are made by plane.
  • Organize site visits with our collaborator to ensure they maintain the same level of cleanliness and attention to detail regarding food safety as we do.
  • Provide sanitary certification on all products.
  • Regular mandatory pest control.
The whole process of monitoring food safety is to highlight any eventual problems before they even take place and act accordingly to ensure constant high quality standards.